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6 Quick fire questions

Helping you pick the right lubricant for the job

10 March 2023

The first port of call for most is the machine operating manual which in most cases is OK but what happens if your gear box, slide or rolling element is not working in the ideal environment envisioned by the machine manufacturer, or the recommended lubricant is no longer available where can you get advice from.

The best course of action is to seek advice from a lubricant specialist, who should set about evaluating your machine application and environment.

Here are some simple questions which will help when choosing the correct lubricant:

  1. What am I lubricating?

A slide, a gear a rolling element, plain bearing?

  1. What conditions is my machine operating in?

A cold or hot, dry or wet environment?

Or perhaps all of the above…

  1. What loads am I subjecting my machine to?

A high load, low load or vibration

  1. What speed is my machine expected to work at?

High speed, low speed or a combination of both

  1. Where is my machine expected to operate?

A warehouse, a forge or a food, a pharmaceutical plant.

Be sure that whoever you go to for advice seeks the information above, if they don’t they will be struggling to offer a good solution/product that meets your needs? Be sure you have as much information to hand as possible including machine performance history such as break downs and what caused them, you never know it may be possible to improve over original lubricant specification.

At New Tech Lubes Ltd we have years of experience in such diverse areas from Forges to bakeries, cement plants to ski lifts, powder coaters to meat plants.

Contact New Tech Lubes, if we can’t help on the phone we can visit you on site. Plus because we manufacture and blend our own product it may even be possible to offer a bespoke product to fit you exact needs.