Techno Carb Super 2

Typical Applications

  • High temperature chain conveyors in the food industry
  • High temperature chain conveyors in powder coating plants. (Silicone free)
  • Drying ovens in the Fibre Glass, Fabrics and Plasterboard industries.
  • Oven Rack Wheels



Techno-Carb Super 2 is a fortified synthetic chain oil for use on chains and conveyors operating at temperatures up to 280°C. The use of this oil gives excellent load carrying properties and resistance to corrosive atmospheres on all parts coated. Its impressively low evaporation rates reduce consumption and increase lubrication intervals reducing usage and labour times. Its low viscosity in comparison to other products can also benefit in reduce energy consumption, especially on larger chains.
Techno-Carb Super 2 is very adhesive to metal surfaces even in the presence of large amounts of water and is non-corrosive on steel, copper, bronze, etc resulting in less dripping or fling off and wasted product.

Also available in a food grade, H1 registered version FS Techno Carb Super 2


Features and Benefits

  • Extremely low evaporation rate
  • Stable at high temperatures
  • Excellent adhesion to surfaces
  • Contains no mineral oils or Glycols
  • No carbon build up
  • Long life, reduces consumption
  • Suitable for automatic lubrication systems
  • Contains no silicone – ideal for paint plants

Additional information




Yellow Fluid

Pour Point ASTM D97


Flashpoint (closed cup)


Autoignition Temperature


Evaporation Loss (w/w%)

5hr. 180°C <1.6%

Viscosity @ 40°C


Four Ball Weld Load

40kgf – 0.39 70kgf – 0.59 (ASTM D 4172)

Available Sizes

205 Litres, 25 litres, 5 litres

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