FS Extra Aerosol

Typical Applications

  • UPVC Window/Door locks
  • Trolley wheels
  • Food packing machinery
  • Bearings, Slides, Pivots and mechanisms in clean environments
  • It is suitable for use in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and clean environments as it is INS H1 Registered



FS extra is produced from premium synthetic base oils which give this grease excellent performance at extremes of high and low temperatures where mineral based products can’t survive. PTFE is included to increase lubricity and provide an extra level of protection to surfaces. This combined with a complex mix of EP and Antioxidants maker this a versatile lubricant for many applications and areas of industry. Added adhesion improvers ensure that it resists water wash off and combined with the hydrophobic base oils and thickeners it is able to withstand areas of high humidity and water presence such as in dairies and other food production sites with hygiene teams frequently cleaning.

Its clean nature and translucent colour make it exceptionally good at areas where grease may be visible or customer contact may occur.

It is suitable for use in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and clean environments as it is INS H1 Registered


Features and Benefits

  • Is completely resistant to saltwater and high humidity environments.
  • Is dielectric and can be used to protect electrical equipment from ingress of water.
  • Has a wide operating temperature  range
  • Is a clean food safe lubricant and is white/Translucent in colour.
  • Contains PTFE in order to reduce friction on sliding surfaces.
  • FS Extra is delivered from the can as a fluid allowing it to penetrate into chain links before setting to a fully formed grease reducing fling off of lubricant.
  • InS H1 registered manufactured using only FDA listed ingredients.

Additional information





Dropping Point

Non – Melting

Solid Lubricant


Flash Point aerosol propellant (ºC)


Water Resistance

100% (hydrophobic base oil and thickener)

Available Grades


Temperature Range

-40°C to 260°C wet condition (PTFE up to 340<0°C)

Available Sizes

400ml Aerosol

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