FS Trojan Aerosol

Typical Applications

  • Bearings
  • Chains
  • Auto Lube Systems
  • Bakeries, meat processing plants, production lines, packaging facilities, dairy manufacture etc



FS Trojan is the perfect choice when you need one grease to cover most applications inside your food production facility. This product can cut down on the number of items held in stock and the possibility of using the wrong product for the wrong application. Its aluminium complex thickener and synthetic base oils combined with ultra EP additives keep your factory running even under the highest stresses from bearings through to gears. Water resistant in nature, it can resist wash off and damp or humid environments.

Its wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 240°C make it suitable for chilled environments of frozen foods right through to the highs of baked goods.

With its ability to withstand high pressures, FS Trojan is the perfect choice for automatic lubrication systems and comes in a range of NLGI Grades from 2 down to 000.

Supplied in bulk in various sizes or 400ml colour coded aerosol.

It is suitable for use in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and clean environments as it is INS H1 Registered.


Features and Benefits

  • 400ml Aerosol (NLGI 2)
  • Exceptional high load ability
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Non-Toxic
  • Synthetic base oil
  • Lubricate most food factory applications that require grease
  • Auto lube system compatible – available in different grades
  • InS H1 Registered, made with FDA Approved ingredients

Additional information


Beige Grease


Aluminium Complex

Operating Temperature

-40°C to 240°C (PTFE to 350°C)

Dropping Point

250 C

Water Wash Out @ 38 C

(ASTM D1264): <1% max. Note base oil hydrophobic (will not take in water)

Shell Four Ball Weld Load

(IP239): 700kg

Dynamic Corrosion Resist.


Speed DN Factor


Available Grades


Data Sheets