Brake and Clutch Cleaner Aerosol

Typical Applications

  • Discs
  • Drums
  • Pads
  • Blocks
  • Cylinders
  • Springs
  • Clutch Lining
  • Pressure Plates




New Tech Lubes Brake and Clutch Cleaner is primarily designed to remove oil, grease, brake fluid & other dirt from metal parts restoring optimum working conditions for brake and clutch systems.

It is formulated using fast acting and clean evaporating solvents to ensure that parts are left dry and free of contamination in the shortest time possible. The high powered spray can is designed to allow dirt to be washed clean from small parts and crevices and to effectively wash dirt away from the contaminated surfaces.

Can also be used to remove grease and grime from other surfaces but care should be taken and tested on a small area first.

Larger size 500ml can is ideal for frequent jobs.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast Drying
  • Clean Evaporating
  • Reduce Brake Squeal
  • Restore Friction
  • Reduce Clutch Slip
  • Suitable for cleaning all mechanical parts
  • Large 500ml Can

Additional information

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Available Sizes

500ml Aerosol

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