Power Cut Paste

Typical Applications

  • Reaming, tapping and drilling
  • Broaching of tough alloy steels
  • Tapping of stainless steel
  • All slow speed machining
  • Screw cuttings
  • Thread cutting on electrical conduit



Power-Cut Paste is a soft, low melting, point cutting lubricant designed specifically for use where good adhesion to the work piece and good extreme pressure resistance is a necessity.


Features and Benefits

  • Exceptional load carrying properties
  • Excellent adhesion to tool edges
  • Better finish to machine parts
  • Easy to apply
  • Reduces friction which prolongs tool life
  • Allows higher rate of metal removal
  • Does not contain silicone

Additional information

Flash Point

>110 C


HBP fractions + additive


Brown Fluid

Available Sizes

100ml Tube, 500g Pot, 5kg Pail

Data Sheets