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As an independent UK based lubricant manufacturer, New Tech Lubes produce a range of products with user applications in mind.

From oils and grease for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry to high temperature chains we specialise in premium quality products that perform. Backed by our expert knowledge and friendly approach we thrive on providing excellent service to all our
customers, big and small.

When safety and quality are the top priority our range of food grade lubricants are tough to beat. Made using all FDA Listed ingredients, every product in this range is certified under category H1 for incidental food contact making these products suitable for food processing, pharmaceutical, beverage and packaging industries.

Busy workshops need products they can depend on to work time and time again. Our approach to maintenance products is simple, take the best quality products and make them affordable to everyone. Take a look at our range of maintenance sprays in larger 500ml cans.
To manage the high wear from environmental conditions and application stresses are open gear & rope lubes are made using Graphite and MoS2 to cope with the high load and high temperature demands put on the lubricants. Built on premium quality bases these products are designed to outlast the competition.
Having a product with the properties and materials designed to function in your environment is essential in preventing costly down time and unnecessary repairs. That is why, whether you are looking at extremes of temperature, load, speed or moisture we have a product suitable for your needs. Our products range from multi purpose through to specialist, critical applications.
Direct contact products are used as release agents within the food and packaging industry and as start up lubricants on machinery blades. These products conform to 3H standard where contact with product or packaging is unavoidable. These products can also be used as standard lubricants in other applications and also carry H1 registration.
To combat the arduous conditions chains are forced to perform in we have developed a range of premium quality solutions to common chain lubrication problems. Our range of oils can perform in food environments with fully food approved H1 registered options and high temperature areas with low evaporation base oils and the option of solid lubrication for ultimate in performance.

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Case Study: How to save £22k

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