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  • Techno Carb Super 2G 5ltr

  • Techno Carb Super 2G 20ltr

  • Techno Carb Super 2G 205ltr

  • 5_20_205ltr

Techno Carb Super 2 G

Features and Benefits

  • Extremely low evaporation rate.
  • Stable at high temperatures.
  • Excellent adhesion to surfaces.
  • Contains no mineral oils or Glycols.
  • No carbon build up.
  • Long life, reduces consumption.
  • Contains no silicone – ideal for paint plant.
  • Mos2 for Increased load ability.
  • Graphite for protection upto 600°C

High Temperature Chain Oil with MoS2 and Graphite

Techno Carb Super 2 G is a fortified synthetic lubricant for chains and conveyors operating at temperatures up to 280°C, which gives excellent load carrying properties and resistance to corrosive atmospheres. Techno Carb Super 2 G is very adhesive to metal surfaces even in the presence of large amounts of water and is non-corrosive on steel, copper, bronze, etc

Added MoS2 and Graphite increases load and temperature ability passed our standard Techno Carb Super 2.

Typical Applications

  • High temperature conveyors in the food industry.
  • High temperature conveyors in powder coating plants. (Silicone free)
  • Drying ovens in the Fibre Glass, Fabrics and Plasterboard industries.
  • Oven Rack Wheels.


Black Fluid

Pour Point ASTM D97

Flashpoint (closed cup)

Autoignition Temperature

Evaporation Loss (w/w%)
5hr. 180°C <1.6%

Viscosity @ 40°C

Available Sizes
5 litres plastic container
25 litres plastic container
205 litres metal drum




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