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Copper Tech 500gm pot

Also available as an aerosol - Copper Anti-seize 500ml Aerosol

Copper Tech Grease

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces dismantling torque.
  • Overcomes galling on assembly.
  • Protects against corrosion and seizure.
  • Wide temperature range -30°C to 1100°C
  • Will not run out at high temperatures.
  • Non-melting.

Anti Seize & Assembly Paste

Copper Tech is an anti seize paste fortified with Graphite to enable easier dismantling of corroded parts where normal Copper Paste would fail. Copper Tech is designed for use on assemblies that are prone to seizure such as in moist environments where corrosion often occurs.

Also available as a 500ml aerosol Copper Anti Seize

Typical Applications

  • Threaded fastenings
  • Sliding mechanisms
  • Brake system linkages

Dark Copper Colour

Modified Clay

Worked Penetration

Dropping Point
Non – melting

Solid Lubricant
Copper and Graphite

Solids Content

Temperature Range
-30°C to 1100°C

Almen Weiland weld test Kg

Available Sizes
100ml Tube
500g Pot
1kg Pot
5kg Pail





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