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  • Alu Tech Grease 500gm Pot

Alu Tech Grease

Features and Benefits

  • Prevents corrosion and seizure in high humidity and marine environments on all threaded connections.
  • Prevents pick up and galling on assembly.
  • Aids disassembly, even after long periods.
  • High-temperature protection up to 1200°C
  • Will not run out at high temperatures.
  • Provides a virtually indestructible film, even in the most severe conditions.

Aluminium Anti Seize & Assembly Paste

Alu-Tech is specially formulated, high temperature, anti-seize thread and flange lubricant, which will prevent seizure and damage on all threaded and mating surface connections at high temperatures and in corrosive conditions.

Typical Applications

  • Pipe flanges, valves, brake adjusters, manifolds, press pivots, punch nose, Hot gas valves and coking plant.
  • Die fixing and tie bars.
  • Cranes, winches, etc.

Temperature Range


Load Capacity
4700 Bar

Flash Point

Non Melting Grease

Available Grades

Available Sizes
100ml Tube
500g Pot
1kg Pot
5kg Pail





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