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  • Penetrating Fluid 500ml Aerosol

Penetrating Fluid

Features and Benefits

  • Fast Acting
  • PTFE for added lubricity
  • De watering ability
  • Effective in small quantites
  • Protects and lubricates to prevent further problems.
  • Non-Staining
  • Effective on all metals
  • Large 500ml can

Fast Acting Release Spray

Fast acting penetrating and de-watering lubricant for the effective release of all corroded components.

Its modern formulation enables the cleaning and lubrication of all metal parts in seconds and provides long-term protection against further contamination and corrosion. The inclusion of fully dispersed, fine particle size PTFE also gives PEN-TECH excellent lubrication qualities, even after the fluid film has disappeared.

Larger 500ml size can is ideal for frequent jobs.

Also available as a fluid Pen Tech in 5ltr, 20ltr abd 205ltr containers

Typical Applications

  • Recommended for the release of all threaded fasteners, joints and pipe couplings
  • Excellent lubrication of all mechanisms where penetration is required
  • After evaporation of the fluid film, a dry PTFE coating remains behind to give long life protection


Clear Fluid



Flash Point

Available Sizes
500ml Aerosol





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