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  • White Maintenance Grease 500ml Aerosol

White Maintenance Grease

Features and Benefits

  • Provide lubrication for all moving parts including- locks, hinges, pivots, chains, bearings, cables & slides
  • Prevents corrosion and attack from water
  • Apply evenly as a fluid and set as a fully formed grease
  • Be clean in use, white grease, with white EP Additives to prevent black staining and unnecessary mess
  • Suitable for marine applications
  • Also available in bulk

Multi Purpose White Spray Grease

White Maintenance Grease is a, high performance, Calcium soap based grease developed to withstand high surface loads.

Typical Applications

  • Home
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Automotive
  • Garden & Leisure Equipment

Calcium Soap

Melt Point

Operating Temperature
-20ºC to 140ºC

Weld Load

Bearing Rig Test
R2FA Pass

Rust Protection
Emcor Pass

ASTM Penetration

Scar Diameter
0.35 mm

Available Sizes
500ml Aerosol





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