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  • Hi Tack Chain Oil 500ml Aerosol

Hi Tack Chain Oil

Features and Benefits

  • Reduce fling off associated with standard chain oils
  • Provide exceptional Anti-wear and Anti-friction properties
  • Penetrate deep into links and pins for maximum effect
  • High viscosity base oil to improve shock loading ability
  • Protects chains from corrosion

Hi Tack Chain Oil

Hi Tack Chain Oil is a general purpose lubricating oil containing effective anti fling agents and a combination of EP additives.

Typical Applications

  • Conveyors
  • Fork lifts
  • Drive chains
  • Bikes
  • Open chains

Flash Point
>110ºC (Aerosol Propellant <0°C)

HBP fractions + additive

Brown Fluid

Operating Temperature
-10ºC to 120°C

Base Oil Viscosity

Available Sizes
500ml Aerosol





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