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Dry PTFE Film 500ml Aerosol

Dry PTFE Film

Features and Benefits

  • Fast Acting
  • Micron sized PTFE for added lubricity
  • Binder included for excellent adhesion
  • Effective in small quantities
  • Air Drying
  • Non-Staining
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Large 500ml can

Dry Bonded PTFE Spray Coating

What is Dry PTFE Spray?

When we think of lubricants we tend to think of oil and grease. Dry PTFE film is different as it is applied as a fluid and dries to a solid lubricant finish. This even coating of PTFE powder particles allows components to slide against each other freely, greatly reducing friction and making parts glide against each other.

What is PTFE Spray used for?

Dry PTFE is especially useful on plastic components and can prevent sticking of plastic slats on conveyors or judder on sliding surfaces it is also useful for light and delicate mechanisms where grease and oil may have an adverse effect such as in locks and small gears in electronics such as printers.

Larger 500ml size can is ideal for frequent jobs.

Typical Applications

  • Discs, chutes and slides in packaging plants
  • Non stick coating for guards and conveyors on can and bottle lines
  • Light lubricant for locks, pins, slides etc
  • Cable lubrication

White liquid


Available Sizes
500ml Aerosol





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