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As an independent UK based lubricant manufacturer, New Tech Lubes produce a range of products with user applications in mind. From oils and grease for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry to high temperature chains in the paint industry, we specialise in premium quality products that perform. Backed by our expert knowledge and friendly approach we thrive on providing excellent service to all our customers, big and small.

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Food Safe
Greases & Lubricants
Maintenance & Cleaning
Direct Contact
Open Gear, Ropes & Kiln Lubricantion
Bakery & High Temp Chains

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New Tech Lubes Ltd. manufactures many products for such areas as engineering, maintenance, cleaning and food production. To ensure all our products are suitable for these environments we register them with the new European body INS Services – under Category H1.

About Us

New Tech Lubes is an innovative family company with a wealth of knowledge; we thrive on providing a personalised service and high quality products. We understand that not every company is the same and peoples budgets, storage facilities and requirements differ constantly, that’s why we make it simple to buy what you need and nothing more.

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What is a 3H Direct Contact Lubricant?

What is a 3H Direct Contact Lubricant?

I have been in the lubricants industry for around 12 years and there always seems to be a buzz about the next big thing, latest base oils, grease thickeners or additives. Some of these things provide genuine benefits to the market while others are simply clever...

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Case Study: How to save £22k

Case Study: How to save £22k

Recently New Tech Lubes paid a visit to a company manufacturing pies, we went along to audit their current lubrication stocks with a view to rationalise them, ensure all lubricants met the correct standards for use in a food production facility and to offer...

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Dry Graphite Coatings

Dry Graphite Coatings

Most people assume that lubricants must be made of a wet oily material and come in a fluid (Oil) or paste form (Grease) which is of course generally true, and whilst wet lubricants are generally better sometimes due to the environment in which they have to perform in...

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