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Delivering On Service

With our swift next-day delivery service within the UK and our prompt and efficient deliveries to destinations worldwide, you can rely on us to ensure your product reaches you precisely when you require it.

Colour & compliance

Colour SafeA visual approach to compliance, ensuring maintenance procedures are easy to follow for all.

PFAS Free Lubricants

PFAS FreeThe majority of our products are PFAS free. Find out more about the hidden dangers and benefits of PFAS substances in lubricants


A comprehensive range of Mineral and Synthetic greases with a variety of thickeners include, Lithium, Calcium, Bentone and more...

Are You Audit Ready?

Be Audit Ready with New Tech Lubes, the manufacturer of specialist and food grade lubricants. Is your business prepared for the next audit?

Made In The UK

As a UK-based manufacturer and distributor, we take pride in producing and maintaining a comprehensive inventory of top-quality products. If your current brand is out of stock, discontinued or not performing, get in touch with our support team now for free and friendly advice.

Techno Carb Super 2

Technocarb Super2 5ltrA fortified synthetic chain oil for use on chains and conveyors operating at temperatures up to 280°C.

UK Lubricant Manufacturer & Blender

New Tech Lubes

New Tech Lubes is an innovative family company with a wealth of knowledge; we thrive on providing a personalised service and high-quality products.

Food Safe Aerosols

Our selection of food-safe aerosols incorporates Smart Straw technology, enabling both broad spray coverage and precise jet application. With this innovative feature, you can enjoy the convenience without worrying about potential product contamination from misplaced straws or caps.

Maintenance Consumables

Full range of high performance workshop consumables to keep the busiest of workshops running smooth from Anti Seize pastes and large volume aerosols to cutting fluids, pastes and cleaners.


A cost-effective high load grease for use in the animal feed and pellet industries. NLGI 1 grade for easy pumpability through lubrication systems.


    Make transporting and storing lubricants on site simple with Lube Kart. Locked compartment for aerosols, clean and dirty rag storage and removable decanting platform make it the perfect choice for busy sites.


    Our versatile lubrication stand is fully configurable to your needs. It provides safe and efficient storage of all lubricants on site with lock box for flammable aerosols. The ability to decant, with integrated drip tray, gives users confidence to avoid any H&S incidents.
    **Available to buy with no commitment or contract.

    Auto Lube

    We offer the Pulsar Lube range of lubricators given many options to meet the unique challenges found on site. We can provide lubricators with any of our greases, not limiting customers to a set few products as is the case with other systems.
      UK Lubricant Manufacturer & Blender

      Are You Audit Ready?

      New Tech Lubes is an innovative family company with a wealth of knowledge; we thrive on providing a personalised service and high-quality products.

      Our Experience Speaks Volumes

      Available across the globe, you can trust in New Tech Lubes.

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