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Our History

UK Lubricant Manufacturer & Blender

New Tech Lubes is an innovative family company with a wealth of knowledge; we thrive on providing a personalised service and high-quality products.

As one of the few, true, UK Manufacturers of Oils, Greases and Lubricants we believe in working alongside our distributors to provide the best products and services we can to the industry of the UK and the World. 

We understand that not every company is the same and people’s budgets, storage facilities and requirements differ constantly, that’s why we make it simple to buy what you need and nothing more. We don’t operate minimum order quantities and provide a wide range of size options from 100gm tubes to 180kg barrels with everything in between. Being a lubricant manufacturer gives us the flexibility to meet the needs of our customers, whether that be tweaking products for specific applications, labelling under customers own brand or dispatching to every part of the UK and Worldwide.

The friendly team at New Tech Lubes are here to assist you any way they can, whether that be with a technical enquiry, product equivalent or to place an order. We are more than happy, and very often grateful, to get out from behind our desks and undertake site visits to assess issues or complete lubrication site surveys.

A family business with family values

Working together to support our distributors both in the UK and worldwide. A simple buying structure for a product with a technical innovative heritage.

Meet The Team

Sharing our experience since 2003

Andy Stephen

Managing Director & Technical Consultant

Managing Director & Technical Consultant

Andy is the founder of New Tech Lubes and the highest-ranking tea maker. When not using his encyclopaedic knowledge of lubrication, engineering or maintenance, he is happiest tucked away in his garage dismantling, assembling, restoring, or discussing his collection of motorbikes old and new.

David Finch

Sales & Technical Manager

Sales & Technical Manager

David has worked his way through the ranks at New Tech Lubes over the last 10 years from workshop assistant to overseeing the day to day running. In his spare time he can be found happily throwing himself around on his mountain bike or getting sweaty at the local Crossfit box.

Laura Thorndyke

HR/Business Development Manager

HR/Business Development Manager

Laura joined the family business in October 2015 working on projects alongside the team to continually improve performance and quality and explore new opportunities in business. Laura is great at planning; usually it involves her next household project, jaunt around America or family gathering.

Callum Wood

Sales Administrator

Sales Administrator

Callum joined the workshop team in September 2019 and later progressed into a sales role in April 2022. He is your first point of contact for any enquiries. Out of work he enjoys family time and is a keen footballer.

Josie Wyatt

Compliance Administrator

Compliance Administrator

Josie joined the team in October 2019 and over her time as sales admin grew proficient at many other areas and was later assigned the role of compliance admin. Away from the office she can usually be found going to the football, watching plenty of live music events or planning her next holiday.

Kane Williams

Workshop Operative

Workshop Operative

Kane joined our Workshop team in April 2022.

Craig Davies

  Workshop Operative

Workshop Operative

Craig joined our Workshop team in April 2022. Out of work he is an avid Ford fan and can be found attending car shows and meets. His current runaround is a classic escort which always gets attention.

We're all in, are you?

Our team sets us apart. Passionate and eager to help and support, our team is our family. Join the New Tech Lubes family and see how working together can help your business thrive.

Sectors Served

For industry specific solutions, we've got you covered.

Food Processing

At our company, we specialise in providing high quality, fully compliant food grade solutions for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Our range of products is designed to suit all applications and is made of FDA-listed ingredients that are fully certified with NSF, Kosher and Halal. We cater to various industries, including meat processing, dairies, bakeries, packaged food, canned production, pharma sites, and many more.


Our company provides comprehensive solutions for all aspects of rail maintenance, including lubrication for pantographs, railroad switches, and tracks. We collaborate with carefully chosen suppliers who can offer approved products when necessary to ensure the highest quality results.


We provide a wide range of automotive lubricants to cater to all your needs. Whether you're looking for workshop consumables for garage environments or specialist lubricants for automotive component assembly, we have you covered. We understand the unique challenges faced by the automotive industry, and we're committed to providing solutions to your problems.

Heavy Industry

Our lubricants aren't just designed for the clean environments of the food industry. We also cater to the most extreme conditions found in heavy industries like mining, forging, and steel production, where high loads, temperatures, and aggressive environments are commonplace. Whether you're working in harsh conditions or under heavy loads, our lubricants are specially formulated to keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently, ensuring maximum productivity and minimal downtime.


Looking for high-performing lubricants for use in farming, agriculture, and animal feed production? Look no further than our range of products. Animal feed mills, in particular, require lubricants that can withstand high loads and continuous running in their presses, and our products are up to the task. We also understand the importance of meeting compliance needs in the food industry, which is why our products are backed by food safety registrations.


Looking for solutions to lubrication problems in the building materials industry? Look no further! Our expertise extends to a wide range of applications, from rotational drying kilns for refractories to production lines for drying Gyproc sheet building material, as well as facilities for manufacturing bricks. Trust us to provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Offshore & Marine

We offer a wide range of offshore and marine lubricants that are specifically designed to withstand the harsh and unique environments of these applications. Whether you need lubricants for gears and ropes, trailer bearings, stern tubes, or propellers, we have you covered. Our products are formulated to provide maximum protection against corrosion, wear, and extreme temperatures, ensuring that your equipment remains in top condition even in the most challenging environments.

Specialist Engineering

Looking for specialist lubricant products for precision engineering applications? Our range of products is specifically designed for use in a variety of settings, from lathes and CNC machines that utilise high speed spindles to robotics. We also offer lubricants suitable for use in oxygen-rich or vacuum atmospheres, ensuring that you can rely on our products to meet your needs in even the most challenging of environments.

World Wide

Available across the globe, you can trust in New Tech Lubes.

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